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Keep the Ball Rolling!

The expression keep the ball rolling is an American variation of an older British expression keep the ball up, which people used idiomatically early in the 1700s to mean continue something,” according to the website Writing Explained. This article continues my January 2021 Pipeline column, “Get the Ball Rolling,” which means to start the action. […]

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Contact Center Challenges and Priorities for 2021: A Year Like No Other

It’s our sixth year of asking two simple questions of contact center professionals: What are your biggest challenges today? What are your top priorities for the new year? If you are a fan of this series, you may remember 2020 was going to be “The Year of the Agent”! I innocently looked forward to “a […]

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How Embracing Digital Customer Service Can Create Brand Advocates

Rapid swings in consumer brand loyalty is one of the most significant consequences of the digital-first era in customer service, where customer-brand conversations are no longer only one-to-one phone calls but also include public and private messages on dozens of social and digital messaging apps. This opens exciting new possibilities for both your business—and your […]

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ROI, ROI, Wherefore Art Thou ROI?

Just for fun, let’s start this technology article with some English literature and vocabulary. I chose the title hoping it would capture your attention, but there’s method to my madness. Most of us think that “wherefore” means “where”—as in, Where is the Return on Investment (ROI)? But Shakespeare’s Juliet said, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art […]

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New Event To Kickstart The “Effortless Experience” Era In The Middle East

INSIGHTS, the region’s premier contact centre and customer experience specialist, has announced a new conference to kickstart the era of “effortless customer experience” in the region, and in particular to help Middle East organisations get plans and priorities in order for this major new business trend. According to INSIGHTS’ president, Dominick Keenaghan, “many regional organisations […]

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A Branded Customer Experience®: Transforming Promises Into Action

Creating meaningful experiences with brands is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve. The rise of the digital age is forcing traditional marketing and communication channels to change as customers gain more control over their relationship with the brand. Smartphones, social media and apps allow consumers to gather information, find competing products and talk to one […]