GAPCORP Boosts its Contact Centre Operations with Altitude Software

GAPCORP has deployed the Altitude uCI suite to handle the fast-paced growth of its operations across the GCC region.

Located in Dubai, GAPCORP‘s contact centre is powered by the Altitude uCI™ customer interaction management solution, which provided the third party administration specialist with a wealth of advanced IP contact centre features, such as outbound dialler, open desktop and a unified centralized monitoring, queuing, routing and reporting.

Servicing Major Automotive Dealerships Across the Middle East and Beyond

GAPCORP Group is a leading sales, marketing and third party administrator operating in the GCC, Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA. The company is recognized for servicing well known Automotive Dealerships in and around the region with its extended warranty schemes and innovative expertise. GAPCORP corporate clients include Nissan and Infiniti, Renault, General Motors, BMW, Daimler, Hyundai, Volvo, Mazda, Toyota and others.

Customer service excellence is a major differentiating factor for GAPCORP, and our desire to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction is paramount,” said Munro Deysel, General Manager Business Development at GAPCORP. The main objective of our world-class contact centre set up is to ultimately set new customer service standards in the automotive service operations industry across the Middle East.”

The Business Challenges

GAPCORP needed to improve the overall effectiveness of its contact centre and increase the productivity of its operations. The specific requirements of the Dubai-based contact centre were the following:

We evaluated several contact centre vendors, but selected Altitude Software because of its unique all-in-one architecture and its strong experience within the automotive market segment throughout the MENA region,” commented Deysel. “In addition to providing a single suite of integrated contact centre capabilities, Altitude also provides a local support presence in UAE and across the GCC. These points made Altitude a clear winner as it matches with our plans to expand our contact centre in the countries where we are operating, such as KSA, Qatar and beyond,” he added.

Contact Centre Productivity Boost

The new contact centre system was deployed in under six weeks in Dubai and it now manages tens of thousands of outbound and inbound interactions every month. Core modules within the Altitude solution have been deployed to support GAPCORP’s customer service operations, including Altitude’s Unified Dialling tool, which supports various outbound dialling modes, namely preview, power, predictive, and a call classifier. By using state-of-the-art outbound dialling technology, GAPCORP has been able to increase the overall productivity of its telemarketing campaigns by over 95%.

Moreover, real-time integration of Altitude’s contact centre application coupled with GAPCORP’s existing systems means all information kept on customers is available at the unified agent desktop – car brand, other related details and payment history are all within easy reach. ‘’We managed to streamline multiple applications into a single agent desktop, which significantly improved the customer experience and agent productivity,’’ added Deysel.

Another key requirement of GAPCORP was to manage and monitor, in real-time, the contact centre. Altitude Management Portal module specifically enables GAPCORP’s managers to quickly create and configure campaigns, agent skill profiles, alarms, schedules as well as dial rules. This unified reporting and management module supports GAPCORP’s ability to respond to immediate needs, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of its contact centre operations.

“This recent installation in the UAE demonstrates the strength of the strong relationship developed between Altitude Software and the region’s most efficient contact centre operations,” commented Riadh Boukhris, Altitude Software MENA President. ‘’By running the Altitude IP contact centre software suite, GAPCORP is able to more effectively align itself with customer needs, enhance its automotive insurance and extended warranty activity as well as, ultimately, maximize bottom line performance.”

The Altitude uCI™ (Unified Customer Interaction) suite has a ten year plus track record of outstanding results in contact centres worldwide, having won over 50 Industry Awards for Innovation and Performance in the last few years. The solution provides businesses with a wealth of advanced contact centre features in 80 countries worldwide, with a fast-growing presence across the GCC, from KSA to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. It manages, in real-time, enterprise functions like Customer Service, Help Desk, Collections, Telesales, Surveys, etc. It is unique in accelerating the creation of services and campaigns, thanks to the unified design studio, routing, dialer, voice portal, desktop front-end, monitoring and analytics.

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