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10 Advantages Of Using An Outsourced Call Centre

Do you run a small business that’s looking to expand? If so, you may find your limited team needing to deal with an increase in calls to the office. Here are 10 reasons why introducing a call handling service could be the answer.

1. An outsourced call centre has a team of well-trained, professional staff who can make a positive first impression for anyone contacting your company.

2. In addition to having an excellent telephone manner, an inbound call centre is set up to take on briefs from businesses and tailor their telephone answering to meet the unique specifications of the client.

3. Anyone calling your business will have no idea that the person answering the phone does not work for your business. Instead, they will assume they have come through to your team.

4. You can specify how you want individual calls to be answered, so if you have clients that need to be put through to you right away and less important calls that you want messages taking for, an outsourced contact centre is well-equipped to deal with them appropriately.

5. If you are a retail operation, you may need a lot of people to take orders by phone of an evening, as well as in the day time. The cost of hiring a team to deal with them would no doubt prove very expensive, whereas with a call centre, you only need to pay them for the time spent on your business.

6. If you are looking for receptionists services, using an outsourced call centre can be considerably more effective than adding a new member of staff to the team.

7. Unlike staff, your outsourced telephone answering service won’t take time off sick or go on holiday. Nor will they turn up late or ask for time off for the dentists.

8. If your business is expecting to take a lot of requests for brochures, some call centres will be happy to offer that service, meaning your potential customers get what they need without you needing to lift a finger.

9. Using an external team could be a great short-term option, if you’re not yet ready to make several hires in one go.

10. By outsourcing, you and your team will have more time to concentrate on other areas of the business that require your attention.

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