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Get Ready For Customer Experience (CX) Version 2.0

Dominick KeenaghanRegional customer service professionals are eagerly anticipating the first Middle East CX 2015 Conference (“Real Experts – Real Guidance”) in Dubai next month with market feedback indicating that the timing of the event in December proving to be particularly opportune as organisations look to build their 2016 activities around more customer loyalty-driving strategies.

Whilst customer experience (CX) as a business driver has been around for a number of years, the region, despite a few CX-related business titles here and there, has not really embraced the philosophy as yet.  There are some obvious “change-resistance” reasons for this but the commercial writing is now on the wall for both B2C and B2B activity – the digitally-empowered customer is gaining increasing control of interactions and “business as usual today” will ultimately be consigned to history.  Despite this, the delay in adoption has turned into a positive because market evolution has now moved to a CX version 2 era where regional practitioners can learn from the missteps and dead-ends of version 1.  Things like customer delight and total customer centricity have, for example, proven to be the wrong ways to proceed for most initiatives.

Exploring the latest developments and how they can best work in the region, under the guidance of both international experts and the recently formed Middle East CX Executive Council will be the main goal of the conference and with the associated follow-through of helping delegates get their CX projects off the ground and moving on the right track.

For more details on the forthcoming Middle East CX 2015 conference and to register go to

Elsewhere in this countdown newsletter you can, as always, enjoy some informative, pre-CX-event reading on key topics, this time around on NPS, customer service and branding.

First up is Dr. Fred van Bennekom, one of the speakers at the Middle East CX 2015 conference, and who gives us a reality check on the “NPS” love-in sweeping many corporate boardrooms.  This is followed by another taster for the CX 2015 Conference in the form of a succinct piece on the necessary connection between customer service and branding support from Martha Brooke.  Food for thought indeed.

Feel free to contact me on any of the content of this newsletter, and I sincerely hope to see you in person at the Middle East CX 2015 Conference event.

Till then…..

Dominick Keenaghan

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