Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre achieves notable increase in received cases during the first half of Q3

Contact Centre received a total of 40,383 cases in August 2016, with voice calls, email, online chat and City Guard topping the list of most popular contact methods

Ten government entities receive the highest levels of user interaction

Contact Centre’s continuous success is attributed to ADSIC’s ongoing efforts to provide high-quality government services with easy access

systemsandinfocentreA recent survey conducted by the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre (ADSIC), revealed that the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre (800555) in Al Ain, witnessed a notable increase in received cases in August 2016, the mid-term mark of the year’s third quarter.

As the government entity responsible for developing Abu Dhabi’s ICT agenda, ADSIC manages and supervises all aspects of the Contact Centre’s planning and operations, as it serves as a comprehensive gateway for Abu Dhabi Government’s e-services.

“ADSIC continually works on enhancing the quality and accessibility of the government’s e-services by leveraging technology to offer a wide range of smart services that are both agile and efficient. Therefore, the Contact Centre is an integral component of these efforts, as we boost integration among our strategic partners in the Abu Dhabi Government and provide value-added services tailored to meet users’ specific needs,” said Khawla Al Fahim, Executive Manager – Spatial Data Centre at ADSIC, commenting on the survey’s results.
“ADSIC’s continual supervision and adequate planning guaranteed the continuity of success and growth the Contact Centre witnessed in the first half of the third quarter, as the latest survey results clearly show an upsurge in the number of users in August and throughout summer across Abu Dhabi,” added Al Fahim.

According to the survey, the Contact Centre received a total of 64,666 calls compared to 40,383 cases in August alone, providing tangible evidence for the sizable demand and usage rates of 800555 as the go-to resource to access the government’s e-services.

The major usage trends unveiled an impressive demand on information by 15,341 calls, while reports amounted to 9,085 calls and services (8,206). Other key usage trends demonstrated demand on complaints, suggestions, and thanks and appreciation calls for the Contact Centre’s efforts in serving the community.

Contact Centre1Fixed and mobile phones were the preferred methods of calling (35,460 users), followed by e-mail (4,472) and online chatting (1,268). Furthermore, 826 connections were established through City Guard, the pioneering smart application developed by ADSIC to promote community engagement, increase civic participation and boost collaboration between the public and the government in favour of Abu Dhabi’s development on all levels. Popular communication channels also included e-forums, front desks, mass media, and self-services
Furthermore, the survey highlighted Abu Dhabi Government’s top ten entities that witnessed the highest levels of user interaction, with Tadweer (The Centre of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi), Health Authority – Abu Dhabi , the Department of Municipal Affairs, and the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ ranking the highest. The top ten list also included Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Department of Municipal Affairs – Al Ain City Municipality, ADSIC, and the Abu Dhabi Education Council – Public School Operations Offices.

The Abu Dhabi Executive Council assigned ADSIC, to establish and manage Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre in Al Ain as a platform for one of the most important e-government services. Al Ain was specifically chosen for its reputable position and as a hub of local talent, which led to an impressive Emiritization rate of 100% in the centre.

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