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Awards Completion Reaches The All-important Nominations Stage

MECC Awards 2014The Awards have reached the nominations stage. As in all competitions there are winners and losers and some call centres will shortly receive the news that their submissions did not make it to the nominations stage (normally 3-5 submissions make it to the nominations stage in each category). These organisations, as has been demonstrated by Awards winners who won on their second, third on even later attempts, should not be discouraged from entering future competitions. Some of the factors that must be borne in mind here are as follows:-

a)    If it’s your first time of entry, remember that many others will have entered in previous years, and those previous experiences will have taught them how to improve their submissions from one year to the next.

b)    Certain categories of Award receive far more entries than others. If you have entered one of these categories your chances of winning here are naturally reduced. Conversely, if you have entered a category with a low number of submissions, your chances of success are greater.

c)    Many call centres choose to attend the INSIGHTS CEM course which is run several times a year. As a result they gain extra insights into the methodology and model used to mark the submissions, and are able to produce a better submission.

So, to all current awards competitors, we wish you the best of luck for this year’s nominations. For all call centres looking to enter in future, watch your emails for the announcement on the next competition being open for submissions this coming November/December.

Tickets for the Awards Gala Dinner on June 8th are now available – contact INSIGHTS on for more details

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