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Awards – You Still Have Time To Apply, But Need To Act Quickly

Middle East Call Centre AwardsThe INSIGHTS Middle East Call Centre Awards 2015 submission preparation process is now in full swing and in multiple call centres all around the Middle East, call centre managers and their teams are busy preparing their answers (and the necessary supporting documentation) to the not insignificant number of questions that make up a complete submission.

Unlike other Awards that are little more than sponsorship exercises, the INSIGHTS Middle East Call Centre Awards are grounded in hard work, peer judging and genuine competition. Many participants report that the process of preparing a submission is worthwhile in its own right, even if they don’t get nominated or win an Award. That is because, amongst many benefits, the submission form forces people to work together (so a great team building tool is one bonus), to explore issues that they might not have been considered before and to build relationships with other parts of the organization that may have been neglected to date. As attendees of the recent Award kick-off event in Dubai were reminded, winning an Awards takes a lot of co-ordination and effort, and the following list of tips from previous Awards winners should always be borne in mind:-

The Top 10 Things That Winners Do Differently:-

  1. They familiarise themselves with the rules, IN FULL.
  2. They complete the entry form in FULL.
  3. They back up every answer with supporting documentation
  4. They have successfully modelled their BRAND and COMPETITIVE strategies
  5. They answer every question truthfully AND LOGICALLY
  6. They focus on achieving branded, strategic results.
  7. They exert effort and commit resources to the Awards program
  8. They leverage the Awards program for motivation & goodwill
  9. They network with other Award participants at industry events
  10. They leverage the program to improve their business

For a fuller explanation of these tips go to pages 14 – 18 of the 2014 Commemorative Awards issue that can be downloaded at

Similarly, further information about this year’s Awards and how to apply can be found at the same url. We look forward to hearing back from you, but please do so soon.


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