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Contact Centre Technology – The Key To Increasing Corporate Productivity & Reducing Costs?

Dominick KeenaghanAs a showcase for the future of the Middle East Contact Centre, the MECC ’16 has no regional peer.  New contact centre technologies and subject matter experts, free “state-of-the-industry” education, capable solution providers and innovative outsourcers all abound and you are encouraged to take full advantage to develop yourself personally and to push your contact centre plans forward.  And why would this be a particularly opportune time to do this?  Because, and the evidence is widespread, customer engagement is finally attracting the attention of the board room.

Strategy is of course paramount in this discussion, usually followed by people and process issues but, in keeping with the region’s ongoing love affair with the subject, technology questions are also being raised (and hopefully, not to the exclusion of all else, as has so happened on previous occasions to date.)  Yes, changing market dynamics now allow us to almost start with a clean state here and get it right this time around.

The focus of your interest in technology at MECC ’16 will depend on where you are starting from.  In broad terms, you will be one of three visitor categories, viz, a) just starting, b), expanding your current operations or c) looking for new options.  For category (a) attendees, your focus should be on understanding your requirements as clearly as possible.  So best to spend your time attending the free presentations and picking the brains of consultants at the Free Consultancy Clinic.  Category (b) people should engage more with the subject matter experts on each stand and their current suppliers in order to understand more about their options and possibilities (and of course to take advantage of special show deals and discounts.)  And category (c) visitors should try and connect with the international consultants in attendance and also attend the free presentations to catch up with the latest trends and innovations, many of which have a strong technology component.

Technology, as we have indicated is only part of the solution for superior customer engagement.  Calling it just a “tool” however is probably an underestimate of it’s importance in the digital age and, by the same token, technology has to be applied based on many other influencing factors such as customer preferences and well-trained, engaged staff.  Ignorance of the whole picture, as opposed to just the technology issues, is a guaranteed recipe for failure – just ask many of the organisations who installed IVR systems to save money only to discover that their customers preferred talking to humans and deserted in droves as a result!

Elsewhere in this newsletter we continue with the technology theme.  So, learn more from Matt Matsui on accelerating business growth through contact centre- driven voice of the customer analysis, and get up to speed on some nice niche contact centre technologies with our good friends Lori and Ken at Strategic Contact.

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