Dubai Land Department Boosts Citizen Engagement with Altitude-powered Contact Centre

PoweredAltitude_Jpeg_lowerEmirates Real Estate Solutions (ERES), the technology arm of Dubai Land Department (DLD), today announced the complete roll-out of the Altitude uCI solution at DLD contact centre to ensure excellence in customer care delivery.
A tie-up with Al Rostamani Communications LLC, the leading UAE-based information technology and telecommunications company, has resulted in the successful implementation of the Altitude uCI 8 customer interaction management solution at DLD’s head office in Dubai. Altitude solutions include inbound, outbound, blending, predictive dialing, email management, business campaign scripting and online monitoring. Altitude uCI allows workflow definition according to the scoring and situation of each customer, maximizing productivity while maintaining a good customer relation.

His Excellency Sultan Buti Bin Mejren, Director General of DLD
His Excellency Sultan Buti Bin Mejren, Director General of DLD

His Excellency Sultan Buti Bin Mejren, Director General of DLD said: “This customer-centric approach utilises technology in order to boost satisfaction and happiness of our customers. As well as providing enhanced DLD services, these improvements also tie in with the Government’s ‘Smart Dubai’ agenda – which aims to optimise technology in order to achieve high levels of happiness for all of the Emirate’s residents and visitors.”
Bin Mejren concluded: “’DLD continually strives to exceed citizens and residents satisfaction by providing a great number of services, that go beyond just providing registration and titling, but rather to provide a fully integrated experience for customer”.

The DLD contact centre specifically aims at powering key DLD departments that include Real Estate Regulatory Agency, also known as RERA (the regulatory arm); Real Estate Investment Management & Promotion Center (the investment arm); Rental Dispute Settlement Center (the Judicial arm) and Dubai Real Estate Institute (the educational arm).

The main customer service campaign handled by the DLD contact centre is related to the EJARI support line, a revolutionary system that shall move Dubai real estate sector to be one of the best regulated rental market in the world. The system is aimed at creating transparency on the clauses and provisions of a private rental agreement signed by landlords and tenants and making such documents enforceable by law.

Improving contact centre efficiencies while enhancing citizen engagement With the Altitude Voice Portal solution in place, Dubai residents, landlords or property management companies can check the status of an Ejari account or application at any time. The contact centre handles all Ejari enquiries related to lease agreement registration, renewals, cancellations, transfers and terminations. DLD is also able to intelligently route interactions, automate outbound dialing, as well as utilize real-time performance dashboards. The flexibility of the new system specifically enables the advanced blending of outbound and inbound operations and campaigns, with a strong offering of built-in desktops for customer care and proactive service operations.

Since implementing the new customer interaction management solution, DLD and its customers received many benefits, such as reduced time and cost of generating manual reports regarding the overall activity of DLD’s customer service operations, boost in the usage of voice self-service channel by 65%, increase in voice interactions answered in 15 seconds or less by 65%, and decrease in abandoned calls by 42%.

“Our work with the Dubai Land Department is a clear demonstration of how ARC can provide robust customer interaction management solutions to public service organisations,” said Youssef Fawaz GM at Al Rostamani Communications. ‘’Altitude’s highly flexible and reliable contact centre technology address the GCC market’s evolving needs and are a key reason for our strong relationship in the region.’’ Leading Cities worldwide Prioritizing Citizen Engagement Projects This successful implementation in Dubai bears out a recent Frost & Sullivan survey which found that improvement in citizen engagement is a major objective for leading “smart” cities in Europe, with 70% of respondents saying that engagement was a focus of their data-centric projects.

In this respect, Altitude Software and Frost & Sullivan, recently announced the release of a white paper “Omni-channel Citizen Engagement: A Foundation for Growth”, today available from Altitude Software. In this Briefing, Frost & Sullivan explains why citizen engagement is more important to cities than perhaps it has been in the past. Secondly, it examines how the omni-channel contact center can assist local leaders in achieving their engagement goals. It also identifies five pillars on which cities should base their investment decisions—from self-service tools that meet the needs for convenience and time saving – just as with the DLD project in Dubai, to citizen-centric design that provides a consistent information model from the public-facing interface to the contact center. “It has been a real pleasure working with such a citizen-centric organization as DLD and their culture of putting citizens in control of their service interactions,” states Riadh Boukhris, Altitude Software MENA President. ‘’The DLD initiative is another good example of our commitment to address Citizen Engagement Projects as well as to make our MENA region a
world-leader in Customer-Service for the people to enjoy the right Customer-Service anytime, anywhere.’’

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