Etisalat Misr Launches Largest Outbound Private Cloud IVR and Achieves Outstanding Results by Using Genesys Customer Experience Platform

Mohamed Afifi, Managing Director, Genesys Middle East
Mohamed Afifi, Managing Director, Genesys Middle East

Genesys (, a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions, today announced that Etisalat Misr, Egypt’s leading mobile telecoms provider, has achieved outstanding results in customer engagement after implementing an outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system from Genesys. The use of proactive notification outbound IVR deployed on Etisalat’s Cloud, the largest private cloud setup in the entire Middle East region, has helped the company boost its response rate by 300 percent in just three months.

When customers get phone calls instead of texts, they’re much more likely to respond. In Etisalat Misr’s case, this was 300 percent higher when compared to an SMS channel. And being fully virtualized in the cloud, the system is cost effective and easy to deploy and run.

Genesys و IBM ،قيادات اتصالات مصرIn recognition of this outstanding achievement, Genesys has named Etisalat Misr as the Best User of Outbound IVR Solution across the Middle East and Africa region.

“Over the past years, we have been capitalizing on Genesys for contact center solutions which have helped Etisalat to achieve a leading position in the Egyptian market.

Moreover, the latest Outbound IVR solution implementation has achieved outstanding results that exceeded our expectations,” said Khalid AlMansouri, Chief Information Technology Officer, Etisalat Misr.

Etisalat Misr has been using Genesys innovative solutions for over five years, represented by Genesys Call Center and IVR platform, which were deployed and integrated to Etisalat back-end systems and supported by IBM Global Business Services. IBM’s innovative technologies have supported Etisalat Misr’s growth efforts by helping the company grow and become more competitive.

“Given our strategic focus on customer experience and value increase, it is very critical to adapt a smart technology for customer touch points that is not only rich and well accepted by customers, but also flexible with optimum time to market. The outbound IVR implementation is becoming an integral part of our day-to-day engagement with our customers which supports our “New Day, New Idea” strategy,” said Amr Fathy, IT director, Customer & Partner management, Etisalat Misr.

An Outbound IVR is often used to build Proactive Outbound Communications. This technology allows an organization to proactively and automatically engage customers through multiple channels such as automated voice calls, SMS messages, email or social media posts with personalized communications.

Solution Benefits:

  • Simple management tools for the marketing team to administer changes in real-time
  • Scalability to handle a virtually unlimited number of calls (over one million calls per day)
  • Robust, real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Integration with collection & billing back-end applications and databases
  • Easy and quick deployment
  • Lower costs via reduced inbound traffic for billing enquiry

“Smart businesses know that it is far less costly to retain a customer than it is to gain one,” said Mohamed Afifi, Managing Director of Genesys in the Middle East. “The best way to do that is to anticipate customer needs and proactively deliver pertinent and timely information through alerts and notifications using the customers’ preferred communication channel.”

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