MECC ’14 Momentum Accelerating

Dominick KeenaghanAs always, a new year brings fresh hope, ideas and enthusiasm, and if the first few days of emails, enquiries and conversations back in the office are anything to go by, then 2014 is going to be a banner year for the call centre in the region.

Some of this interest has of course been generated by the announcement of the start of the INSIGHTS Middle East Call Centre Awards 2014 competition last month and which reaches it’s apex at the Awards Gala Dinner during MECC ’14 on June 8.  Other feedback concerns the ongoing development changes that are being made to the Awards this time around.  For full details of these and the key Awards 2014 milestone dates see the following newsletter article.

With the MECC ’14 Conference brochure now scheduled for appearance later this month, current MECC ’14 news revolves around the exhibition and sponsorship sides of the event.  On the sponsorship front, several companies are showing interest, and again, definitive news here will be announced shortly.  On the exhibition front, the number of new MECC participants continues to climb and show visitors can look forward to the largest gathering of call centre vendors, experts and solutions providers ever assembled in the Middle East in one place – and all hopefully trying to outdo each other on the valuable MECC-only deals they will be offering to show participants.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will no doubt enjoy hearing from Kathleen Peterson that the best way to start 2014 is by making sure you don’t repeat the mistakes of 2013 (see Auld Lang’s  Syne….), that now might be a good time to expedite your customer loyalty initiatives (Mike Aoki’s piece entitled “How To Improve Your Centre’s Loyalty and Retention Rates”), and that cloud customer service solutions are starting to gain traction (Patrick Barnards article on “Improving Customer Service In The Cloud”).

Enjoy these articles accordingly, and as always, we value your feedback.

Dominick J. Keenaghan

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