Misconceptions to be laid to rest at forthcoming CX forum

cx logoINSIGHTS, the region’s leading contact centre and customer experience (CX) specialist, is hosting a much anticipated forum in November with the aim of clearing up the main misconceptions that many organsations currently have regarding the increasingly important business imperative of customer experience (CX) strategies and development.

According to INSIGHTS’ president, Dominick Keenaghan, “ the region is adopting customer experience practices and is looking to learn from the successes of CX leaders elsewhere. Unfortunately, there is  a lot of ambiguity and dubious guidance out there and it is crucial that organisations get started on the right track. So, for instance, it is easy to mix up customer experience and customer-centricity. The former has a clear, industry-accepted definition whereas multiple interpretations of the latter have appeared and this can obviously cause confusion and lead to wasted effort. Similarly, the role of benchmarking, a much loved and regional practice, needs to  be treated differently as differentiation in the marketplace is a key CX precept and a company is not really differentiating itself if it is just copying somebody else.”

cx-bannerKeenaghan continued, “ a vital role that needs to be created  in any organisation embarking on a CX strategy is one that is being termed “the CX champion”. In some instances, this responsibility is first taken by the CEO himself but eventually if not initially,  it is usually handed off to another senior executive or group. In many cases, this is somebody with a customer service or customer management background as this is where many CX initiatives start,  but increasingly the chief marketing officer is stepping up to take charge here. No obvious pattern has emerged in the region as yet so it will be very interesting to see how the region evolves in this respect.”

The forthcoming forum will also provide guidance on how to “create CX champions” internally. As such, it will feature input from recognised and certified world class experts, up- to- date regional research from the Middle East Customer Experience Executive Council and an informative set of case studies from regional pioneers who will be presenting their trials, tribulations and results from their particular CX journeys to date.


INSIGHTS is the only Customer Interaction dedicated, Professional Services Organisation in the Middle East region to offer a combination of regional experience (20 years serving the regional industry), industry journals (spearheaded by the Customer Middle East portal), international accreditation with recognised global industry bodies (G-CEM, The Forum, The University of Ulster.), accredited and certified Customer Interaction training programs (English & Arabic) and the region’s only combined Call Centre and Customer Experience Conference, Awards and Exhibition events. Most recently it has set up the Middle East CX Executive council to help drive CX best practice.

For further details contact Dominick Keenaghan on +971-4-3329211, email or visit

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