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New Event To Kickstart The “Effortless Experience” Era In The Middle East

Dominick KeenaghanINSIGHTS, the region’s premier contact centre and customer experience specialist, has announced a new conference to kickstart the era of “effortless customer experience” in the region, and in particular to help Middle East organisations get plans and priorities in order for this major new business trend.

According to INSIGHTS’ president, Dominick Keenaghan, “many regional organisations have adopted a command and control type of structure driven by cost-based accounting.  Value creation effects such as customer loyalty are effectively ignored.  These structures have allowed many companies to grow and prosper to date but must now be adapted to a rapidly evolving, new business era, often termed the “age of the customer”.  Going forward, it’s the digitally-empowered customer who is more and more in control of a business transaction and he/she is increasingly demanding choices of interaction channels, ease of transaction flow, a prerequisite to deal with competent staff, respect for their time, etc, – in other words as effortless an interacting experience as possible. As a consequence, organisational structures around the world are changing to facilitate customer journeys across multiple, different touchpoints, interactions are being resculpted to become as frictionless and seamless for the customer as possible, and customer experiences are being crafted around a well defined corporate brand in order to highlight competitive differentiation.”

meccss-bannerKeenaghan continued, “our new event will help participants to examine this “Outside-In” way of looking at business from the customer’s perspective, how it will drive organisational change and the increasingly important role that contact centres are likely to have in any new customer engagement initiatives.  The summit will feature a host of international experts exploring the strategies that are working in other parts of the world and a selection of local case studies from regional entities who have grasped the mettle and started down their own “effortless experiences” paths.”

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