Summer Musings #2 – Are Your Agents Able To Do Their Jobs Properly?

Hi, and welcome to the second “summer musing”. In this, short question-style episode, I share some thoughts regarding Agent Training.

Here’s how it works. Click here and you will be taken to a 6 slide powerpoint presentation. Following the title slide you are reminded of the main types of Agent Training required. These are as follows:-

  • Industry background
  • Refresher – Don’t forget to budget for this
  • Product/service-specific
  • Systems Training
  • Soft Skills

Choosing the last 3 types of training as answers only (ie product/service, systems or soft skills) you are then asked 3 questions on three separate slides that will take just seconds to answer. (In each case, the accompanying notes give the rationale for the appearing answer).

Having conducted this sequence of questions many times in public before, I know the subject matter is of immense interest. Most people in these audiences agree that it is a very valuable reminder and learning exercise of what is most important and what they need to do more of. I trust you will find the same.

Till next time.


PS. Feel free to use the above as a brainstorming exercise with your team.

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