Blending AI With Human Support

The future of work and the impact that artificial intelligence will have on the workforce has been a hot topic lately. The publicity has been a bit unsettling, though, given the tendency to couple the acronym AI with the word “replace”—as in “AI Will Replace Half of All Jobs in the Next Decade” or “Could […]

The Customer Journey In The Land Of The Smartphone

“The smartphone is becoming the ubiquitous and predominant tool for both selfservice and assisted service.” I want you to join me on a journey to the land of the smartphone. I’m from Portlandia, so I’m going to call this (not the least bit mythical) land Smartphonia. This is an incredibly exciting and compelling adventure that […]

Technology’s Role In The Omnichannel Pursuit

“Enterprises will not achieve an omnichannel customer experience with tools alone. Strategy comes first, followed by the process, integration and organizational elements to drive value from the technology and deliver on the goals.” Omnichannel Is Everywhere—Vendor Marketing, Analyst Articles, Conference Sessions, Client Wish Lists. While touted as a new concept, it doesn’t seem all that […]

Working Together To Optimize Technology

“A stalemate can occur when the center wants IT to educate them on what’s possible and IT wants the center to define what they want or need.” Technology is the great enabler but too often falls short in delivering promised results, leaving users and executives frustrated. Whether pursuing exciting new technology or refreshing existing systems, […]

The Digital Workplace

No one can deny the remarkable impact that mobile technology has had on consumer behavior. Texting has displaced phone calls and email as the preferred communication channel among millennials, and social media has emerged as their top choice for obtaining information and content. Our employees are also consumers of the latest cool tools and applications. […]

Contact Center Challenges And Priorities

In late 2015, we conducted a simple survey that received input from 277 respondents on two fronts: the biggest challenges today and top priorities for 2016. Participants could identify three of each, with no ranking. Input came primarily from contact center leaders (65%), along with support analysts (10%), IT (8%), supervisors (7%), consultants (4%), and […]

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    Digital Customer Care

    “A fundamental element of providing an excellent customer experience is making it easy for customers to get their questions answered through whichever means they prefer.” [...]
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    All About Ease

    The 1950 movie “All About Eve” starring Bette Davis is a “backstage” story revolving around an aspiring stage actress named Eve Harrington. Tattered and forlorn, [...]
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    Enough of the ideas, where’s the execution?

    I’ve just had the pleasure of chairing a customer engagement conference. There were some great speakers. One of my favourites was Stewart Bromley from Atom [...]
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    Smartworld Launches Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions in the UAE

    The new offering leverages the virtualized capabilities of the Altitude uCI 8 platform to deliver Altitude’s flagship contact center applications in a cloud-based service model. [...]
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    Optimizing Operations for Experience Excellence

    It is the age of the customer where every experience counts. Companies are beginning to learn and take actions to improve their customer service to provide ease and effectiveness. However, providing exceptional experiences while still maintaining costs is a bit of a balancing act, especially given the competitive, technological and regulatory ‘change’ challenges organizations have […]

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    “Problem Solver” Awards – New for 2018

    The new INSIGHTS Middle East Call Centre Awards category seeks to recognise companies and individuals who have found unique and creative ways to solve challenges they have faced in their call centre work environment, delivering verifiable value and business-enhancing results in the process. INSIGHTS has identified 22 “categories” to which it would like to receive […]

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    MECC’18 Details Announced

    The region’s annual Middle East Call Centre event known as MECC has been scheduled for April 24 – 25, in Dubai, and regional contact centre professionals can look forward to a revamped show with a wider choice of learning options, more opportunities to participate in networking sessions and a host of new technology developments to […]

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    MECC ’18 Sponsors Announced, Excited By The Unique Branding Opportunity.

    The first two sponsors for this year’s MECC ’18 event are now confirmed and several more are expected to be announced over the next few weeks. Leading Saudi Services and Solutions provider CCC (Contact Center Company) has elected to leverage MECC’s standing as the region’s top contact centre meet to highlight its impressive new facilities, […]

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    Coming Soon To A Contact Center Near You!

    “In just a couple years’ time—by 2020—messaging will be used more than voice and chat combined.” The landscape for engaging with customers is changing fast. Consumers expect hyper-personalization—and they want a choice of ways to communicate with the companies with which they do business. Bots, asynchronous messaging, augmented reality and machine learning are at the […]

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    A Deeper Look At Authentication And Fraud Prevention

    “Start by thinking of things like account number and social security number as identity only; these are not paths to authentication or verification in today’s data compromised world.” Optimizing authentication and preventing fraud are “hot topics” in the industry. I had the pleasure of facilitating a panel on the topic at the ICMI Contact Center […]

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    The ABCs Of Robotic Process Automation

    “Robots can make the work that employees do easier, providing guidance in a ‘show me’ mode to help them learn how to do certain transactions without leaving the phone or desktop for training.” Robots. No, not the plastic, Legolooking figures that you’ve been brainwashed to picture when you hear the term. Nor are we referring […]

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    Cloud Ushers In “New Rules” For Technology Selection

    As a regular attendee and speaker at contact center conferences, I keep my finger on the pulse of the latest industry buzz. Recent discussions with vendors and practitioners at ICMI CC Demo confirmed what our projects tell us: Right now, the cloud is the thing—whether from traditional vendors, established cloud vendors or new vendors. With […]

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    Optimize Technology Value

    “Buy new where you must, but think first about how to use what you have well, or add to it to do more.” Many contact center leaders are dissatisfied with their current technology. They believe that new technology is the key to achieving business goals. Yet many centers have substantial opportunities to optimize efficiency and […]

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    Leveraging UC And Collaboration

    “Create opportunities for more transparency and communication, as well as an employee community for enhanced collaboration, so work becomes more meaningful and interactive.” Back in 2010, the top three contact center problems were widely recognized as absenteeism, staff attrition and, crucially, lack of employee engagement. Much has changed in the last seven years, but while […]

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    I Can See Clearly Now – Clearing The Contact Center Clouds

    “True cloud contact centers are built as cloud native platforms, not premises equipment that’s been moved to the cloud and offered at a monthly charge.” Back in 1972, a singer and songwriter named Johnny Nash wrote and recorded a song called, “I Can See Clearly Now.” The song had a heavy reggae influence, which was […]

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    Engaged Employees = Happy Customers

    “Creating a dynamic culture that encourages employee engagement means addressing what’s important to contact center employees.” Employee engagement is more than just a buzzword. Successful customer service organizations create a culture that encourages it. Engaged employees are more enthusiastic about their contribution to the business and, ultimately, increase the level and consistency of service provided […]

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    IST Expands Cloud Customer Experience Solution Offering with PureCloud by Genesys

    IST, the customer experience technology specialists, today announced that it has expanded its partnership with Genesys, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions with the addition of the PureCloud by Genesys to its solution offering. Designed to help businesses in the Middle East deliver a consistent, seamless and personalized next-generation customer […]

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    What Keeps You Up At Night?

    Contact centers face a growing array of compliance requirements, rules and regulations for handling sensitive data. “Bad guys” seem to be lurking around every corner these days. They steal customer information and break into networks and systems. At the same time, contact centers face a growing array of compliance requirements, rules and regulations for handling […]

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    Building A Resilient Contact Center

    A few minutes outage can leave the center playing catch up on service level (and perhaps, customer satisfaction) all day. If minutes turn into hours, or become too frequent, where will customers turn for assistance? In the era of “five nines” of reliability, contact center leaders didn’t worry too much about the resiliency of their […]

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    Automation Generation

    Are we now in the automation generation? Technology giants such as Google are already testing driverless automobiles. What’s next—pilotless passenger planes? (Hope not). Humanlike robots have long fascinated us. Who can forget the Tin Man from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”? Or the lovable R2-D2 of “Star Wars” fame? According to that invaluable writer’s resource, […]

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    Eurisko Mobility Adds AI Bots to its Digital Experience Platform for Banks & Financial Institutions

    In exciting news for both financial institutions and their customers, Lebanon-based mobile development leader Eurisko Mobility recently announced the addition of Artificial Intelligence Bots to its Digital Experience Platform (DXP), a cutting-edge solution tailored for banks and financial institutions. Eurisko’s fully customizable bots powers all DXP modules from Daily Banking and Personal Finance Management to […]

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    Summer Musings #4 – QA Improvement

    And finally, my last summer musing this year, but one which I hope will be of enormous benefit. In our contact centre consulting practice, the most frequent request we get, by far, is to audit an existing QA setup. And guess what, in every single call centre to date, there is not only room for […]

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