Afro Asian Assistance Implements World-Class Contact Center in Bahrain with Altitude Software

Altitude SoftwareA unique multimedia contact centre dedicated to Travel Assistance and Travel Insurance has been launched in Bahrain to support Afro Asian Assistance in boosting service levels and efficiency. Located in Manama, the contact centre is powered by the Altitude uCI™ solution which provides Afro Asian Assistance with a wealth of advanced IP contact centre features such as dialer, voice recording as well as unified centralized monitoring, queuing, routing and reporting.

Shaking up the Assistance and Insurance Industry with World-Class Contact Centre
Afro Asian Assistance laid its groundwork in 2008 and has had a presence in Bahrain since early 2010. It is the Travel Assistance Unit of Trust Group, one of the biggest reinsurance companies in the Middle East with a presence in Bahrain since 1989. The company offers and provides “Assistance Services” such as Travel Assistance, Roadside Assistance, Car Replacement and Home Assistance. Afro Asian Assistance covers the globe through a direct network of providers in the GCC countries, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and through an international network of providers across 4 continents. With a fast growth pace over the last 12 months, Afro Asian Assistance is becoming one of the leading assistance and travel insurance providers across the Middle East and North Africa region.

‘’Our comprehensive assistance services have been developed for this market after studying the actual and projected needs of the sector,‘‘ said Omar-Javier Baba Quiros, Managing Director at Afro Asian Assistance. ‘’With its range of services at competitive prices, its network of service providers worldwide and its world-class contact centre fully dedicated to our industry, Afro Asian Assistance was created to be the region’s 1st choice Assistance Company.“

When Afro Asian Assistance decided to launch its Travel Assistance Operations, the company knew that growth could happen rapidly across the entire Middle East & North Africa region. Hence, the company anticipated the need for a complete customer interaction management solution that included an outbound dialer, voice recording and campaign management capabilities that could easily integrate with the company’s fully customized Travel Assistance web-based application. ‘’We wanted to be able to address travel assistance and customer service business processes, while supporting the expected business growth as well as boost first-call resolution rates,‘‘ commented Omar-Javier.

Selecting Altitude Software as a key component of our contact centre operations reaffirms our commitment to incorporating the best technology available to service our customers and ultimately, drive our Assistance Services business to new heights,” continued Omar-Javier. “Our Bahrain-based contact centre is today critical to providing us with a competitive advantage in the travel assistance and travel insurance industry across the MENA region,” he added.

Innovative Roadside and Travel Assistance Service
Afro Asian Assistance today provides a 24 hour, 7 days a week roadside & travel assistance service. To support this dedicated offering, the Bahrain-based company has implemented a purpose-built first point of contact for customers in the unexpected event of a vehicle breakdown/accident or travel emergency. For instance, the contact centre coordinates all roadside assistance activities from first contact to roadside repair. The Altitude-powered system is specifically integrated with GPS/GSM technology and geospatial mapping enabling contact centre agents to pinpoint a vehicle location in seconds. From there the system can almost instantly locate the nearest provider, so insurance policy holders get assistance within minutes of their call. During the whole assistance process, the contact centre checks on progress, keeps customers informed and guarantees that the vehicle is back in service as quickly as possible. “By easily integrating several applications through the Altitude uCI solution, Afro Asian Assistance‘s contact centre is the place where all travel and roadside assistance operations are initiated and coordinated,” added Omar-Javier.

Following the implementation of the Altitude-powered contact centre, Afro Asian Assistance could:

  • Tightly integrate the company’s fully customized Travel Assistance web-based application with the contact centre system.
  • Provide quality and business-driven voice recording management for agent monitoring, integrated within the historical information of the web-based assistance application.
  • Boost first call resolution rates and shrink assistance process duration with the introduction of geospatial mapping within the contact centre and smart phone apps.
  • Intelligently transfer callers to agents based on skill sets and customer data.
  • Generate comprehensive activity and performance analysis reports for agents, campaigns and the overall contact centre system.

High-performance system sets stage for the future
Afro Asian Assistance is planning to take advantage of the extensive multichannel contact handling capabilities of the platform in the near future, enabling the company to extend its multichannel services through SMS, Skype, as well as support for social media interactions. “Thanks to the complete and modular structure of the Altitude uCI solution, it will be easy and cost-effective for us to add additional functionality as our contact centre needs evolve,” commented Omar-Javier.

In addition to providing a centralized platform for its roadside and travel assistance operations, Afro Asian Assistance’s contact centre is also ready to provide customized CRM solutions to fill the specific needs of customer-oriented businesses. “We have the technology and the know-how to support contact centre outsourcing operations 24/7 and bring value to any client-focused business,“ said Omar-Javier.

Organisations in the Middle East are constantly striving to be more results-oriented, and with the unique combination of strength and flexibility provided by the Altitude contact centre software suite, Afro Asian Assistance is able to leverage that value,” concluded Riadh Boukhris, Altitude Software MENA President.

The Altitude uCI (Unified Customer Interaction) suite has a ten year plus track record of outstanding results in contact centres worldwide, having won over 50 Industry Awards for Innovation and Performance in the last few years. The solution provides businesses with a wealth of advanced contact centre features in about 80 countries worldwide, with a fast-growing presence across the GCC Region. It manages, in real time, enterprise functions like customer service, help desk, collections, telesales, surveys, etc. It is unique in accelerating the creation of services and campaigns, thanks to the unified design studio, routing, dialer, voice portal, desktop front-end, monitoring and analytics.


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