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Case Study: Avaya’s 911 Call Center in Jordan

Emergency call centers (or best known as 911 centers) provide the right example of how vital contact centers can be to human lives and business sustainability alike. But from an infrastructure perspective, they’re just the perfect test lab of how efficient communication technologies can be.
When challenges are clear and present, these technologies play such an essential role in saving lives that companies and solution developers pride themselves of being involved in it. Avaya is no exception, especially being a leader in the communication technologies in general and in contact center solutions in particular.
Recently, Avaya’s technologies were further utilized to impact a new segment of people; the Jordanian people. Avaya Government Solutions, a subsidiary of Avaya, and the US government have teamed up to launch the Middle East’s first modern emergency 911 call center that’s expected to change the face of emergency response in the young Kingdom.
Building on Avaya’s successful track record, Avaya Government Solutions is a network-centric integrator, providing the services expertise, mission-critical systems, and secure communications that empower government to ensure the security, livelihood, and well being of its citizens.
Not only it provides solid, reliable communications and continuity for public safety in the residential areas of the capital Amman; the center also caters for the emergency needs of the crowded business districts as well as the industrial zones around the city.
Based on Avaya’s award winning E911 package; this call system is, in many ways, engineered in the same way that similar E911 centers have been launched in the U.S. and Canada. Experts are looking to this system as a prototype for possible new emergency 911 centers elsewhere in the Middle East.
“We are providing Amman with a modern E-911 system that will save lives and enhance public safety for the Jordanian people,” commented Tim Gentry, senior vice president of civilian sales at Avaya Government Solutions.
Gentry said that while other telecommunications providers competed for the project, their expertise in delivering solutions that are 99.999 percent reliable was cited as the determining factor by Jordanian officials.
This system in Amman creates a telephone system that stretches across the capital city, giving the public a quick, reliable way to access emergency services. Just like in the US and Canada, the public need only dial a three digit emergency code (911) on any phone and they are instantly connected to dispatchers who can connect them with first responders or other entities that can address the emergency.
This center demonstrates not only how reliable Avaya solutions are, but it also reflects the global commitment of the company to provide solutions wherever they are needed. Earlier in September, Avaya Government Solutions announced the successful completion of an important VoIP test for the U.S. Department of Defense.

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