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Contact Centre Outsourcing – Find The Answers & Partners You Need At MECC ’16

MECC Exhibition PassIn looking at the Outsourcing Service Providers (OSPs) participating at the MECC ’16 Exhibition and the Show pre-registration visitor’s list to date for interest in Outsourcing, it is clear that Contact Centre Outsourcing will be a major theme of the event, being held in Dubai on May 31 – June 1.

The growth of Contact Centre Outsourcing in the region was already flagged a few weeks back in a preceding newsletter but what is now more obvious to us as show organizers is the variety, creativity and ingenuity of the services being offered.  And, if you think about it for a moment, it all makes perfect sense.  You see, OSPs often enter into relationships with clients without knowing exactly how it’s all going to work out for them – loss-making scenarios are there for sure, but it could be to address a short term situation after which long term potential becomes clearer, or it could be to maintain a key strategic relationship.  Often however the chief “clarity” culprit is a lack of definition on behalf of the client on what they actually need – they simply don’t know.  As a result the OSP has to work hard to make things work; and that often demands thinking in innovative and new, value creation ways – a challenge that, given the relative newness of the market, most regional OSPs have come to embrace and accept.  As a result, OSPs gain valuable experience and expertise in particular vertical industries, solutions and partnership arrangements and they subsequently leverage this into new situations going forward.

A couple of examples here serve to illustrate the point.  Smart Link of Saudi Arabia has years of experience in end-to-end contact centre solutions and, on top of manpower and general management, can offer IT guidance, recruitment and training services, quality assurance, performance & process management and any necessary applications development as well.  They have been particularly successful in the government sector up to now and are now leveraging their accumulated expertise into the rapidly expanding regional area of “smart” government.

Another, Silah Gulf, headquartered in Bahrain, continues to win new business there and grow it’s staff base, whilst also garnering new clients in diverse verticals elsewhere in the Gulf as well.  With telecoms regulations in Bahrain much friendlier to OSPs than other Gulf countries, Silah is  now able to  put together attractive “nearshoring ” deals that weren’t realistic just a few months back, but could prove very enticing for regional entities looking to set up a regional contact centre.

The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg as far as what the above players and other exhibitors at MECC ’16 can offer, and you would be well advised to spend as much time as you can spare exploring the possibilities with them.  Note also that you can treat yourself to a full day of free Outsourcing Seminar guidance on May 31, the first day of the show.  Armed with these extra insights it might be as well to save your MECC ’16 Exhibitor questioning until day 2 when you will have the whole day to explore your requirements in more depth!

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Elsewhere in this newsletter we turn the spotlight back on to two key contact centre issues, at least from an individual’s job perspective.  The article “Decrease Attrition Though Training Done Right” by Carla Barker and Stephen Butler, highlights the non-negotiable role of training in the call centre, whilst Jay Minucci shares some thoughts on “the contact centre as a profession”, a fact many outside the industry (and a fair few in it, to be honest) need to embrace more willingly.

We round out this issue with a reminder to check out the free seminars being run during the MECC ’16 Exhibition this year.  The lineup is not only the biggest we have put together to date but is packed with variety and key contact centre topics to keep abreast of.  You are advised to reserve a generous amount of time on your MECC ’16 visit accordingly.

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