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dreambox & vocalcom today announce the UAE’s first fully featured Cloud based contact centre.

dreamboxdreambox ( and vocalcom ( today announced a strategic partnership to deploy the UAE’s first cloud based Contact Centre.  This is the GCCs first fully featured hosted contract centre based in Dubai serving the UAE market.

dreambox is responding to the growing trend for hosted services in the UAE – now to include voice and social interaction.  The solution, known as C3 (Cloud Contact Centre), is based on Vocalcom’s award winning Hermes(TM) technology.  dreambox aims to empower SMEs in the UAE to better service their customers, improve agent performance and reduce operational costs.

dreambox has extended the power of Hermes with leading edge integration including Voice Biometrics, Video integration, Enhanced Social interactions, Personlised Voice Response and dynamic realtime analytics.  Features that would normally be out of the reach of most SMEs, are now available on C3, on a hosted, “Pay as you go” model.  It’s the easiest setup possible for any contact centre allowing customers to be up an running in less than 30 minutes!  With dreambox selected Vocalcom as their preferred technology partner because of their extensive feature base and open cloud architecture.  “As the first UAE hosted Contact Centre will focus on providing the highest level of service to our customers and their end users. Our partnership with Vocalcom helps extend the centre to provide leading edge features at a cost structure more aligned to the majority of SMEs in the local market.”, said Ronda Belin, CMO.

dreambox’s vision for the market is to service the large SME segment with the most powerful contact centre technology available at a fraction of the traditional premise based cost.  Most incumbent contact centres need huge initial investment and significant costs associated with managing, maintaining and upgrading the platform.  This also often means disparity results when technologies within an organization, do not align.  With dreambox’s C3, the risk or managing ‘technology’ is taken away from the client, letting them concentrate on their core business.  dreambox’s hosted solution provides the most advanced features, often not found on premise based solutions, all on a manageable ‘rental’ basis.

About dreambox

Dreambox is the UAE’s first hosted contact centre.  dreambox pioneers technologies that provide real value to end users which means better communication, improved revenues and reduced cost of serviceability for our clients.  From dynamic Voice/video response to kiosk based face recognition, dreambox solutions enable a new frontier in how to service your customers.  All our solutions are based in the cloud, which means you never have to pay full price for your contact centre technology again.  dreambox manages the technology, so you don’t have to.  Get up and running in no time with dreambox & Vocalcom;  delivering the fastest, most reliable & feature packed digital contact centre in the UAE.


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