Next Free Outsourcing e-book On Its Way – Stay Tuned

How To Avoid Bad Outsourcing DecisionsAs many of you commented, the recent Call Centre Outsourcing e-book entitled “How To Avoid A Bad Outsourcing” decision was a “breath of fresh air” – not only for its clarity in describing the key issues that drag down many Call Centre Outsourcing relationships in the region, but also in its simplicity for pointing the way forward.  (If, by any chance, you have not seen the e-book, feel free to download it at

Well, the good news, is that Outsourcing e-book #2 is in the process of being formatted as we speak, and will be available for free download very shortly.  Of particular note is that Outsourcing e-book #2 sets the stage for a multi-step “Outsourcing for Success” plan.  Follow it faithfully and you can realistically expect to maximize the returns you achieve from going down the Outsourcing route. Better still, sign up for the Transformative Outsourcing Conference in May 17, and the system will be explained to you in person; and even personalized as much as possible in the “Lab” sessions for your situation – a truly unique way to save yourself many potential costs and headaches later.

To sign up, and take advantage of early bird pricing, go to

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