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Peter Ryan to Speak at Dubai Transformative Outsourcing Conference, May 16-17

Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to announce that Peter Ryan will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Transformative Outsourcing conference, which takes place in Dubai on the 16th and 17th of May.

‘I cannot understate my excitement at participating in Transformative Outsourcing, which is likely to be the premier front-office BPO event in the Middle East during 2017.  That I will be speaking alongside some of the best minds in our business including Rod Jones, Declan Maguire and Evan Jones is both humbling and energizing’, said Ryan upon confirmation of his participation.

The Dubai contact center outsourcing sector has been relatively quiet in recent years, but Ryan feels that this may change going forward.

‘It is cleat that Dubai brings a great deal to the table in terms of contact center delivery.  Not only is the city’s infrastructure first rate, but the customer experience capabilities to be found on the ground are very strong. Thus, whether it is for servicing domestic consumers or supporting end-users abroad, provided the fundamentals are in place, the opportunity for Dubai to make a mark in front-office BPO is significant.’

For more information on the Transformative BPO event, please visit

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