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Process Optimization Comes to Fruition

Ensure Success through a Comprehensive Project Approach

Process change is daunting to envision, plan for, execute and achieve. You can mitigate the risk by taking advantage of exciting new tools that enable business process optimization with high-value outcomes. However, process optimization success is not just dependent upon using technology effectively.

Figure 3: Technology is one of three pillars in successful process optimization.

Figure 3 shows it is one of three critical enablers. Credible financial analysis is crucial to ensure a targeted but appropriate focus. And nothing mitigates the risk of process change more effectively than including formal change management as a part of your plan. Process change alters the way that people in your organization work; you can’t neglect the “people” side of change. Now is the time to take action on process optimization. Do it wisely, with technology as an enabler, and you will succeed.

Lori Bocklund is Founder and President of the independent consulting firm Strategic Contact.

Brian Hinton is a Principal Consultant at Strategic Contact.

– Reprinted with permission from Contact Center Pipeline,






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