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Smartworld Launches Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions in the UAE

The new offering leverages the virtualized capabilities of the Altitude uCI 8 platform to deliver Altitude’s flagship contact center applications in a cloud-based service model.

Smartworld Launches Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions in the UAE
Smartworld Launches Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions in the UAE

Smartworld has selected Altitude Software to Launch the first Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions in the UAE. Smartworld is a joint venture between Etisalat and Dubai World Central. The company is one of the emerging technology companies with an impeccable track record of developing and delivering cutting-edge digital solutions in the region. Altitude Software delivers a robust, modular contact center solution that handles all customer interactions and unifies all touch points throughout the organization.

Enabling UAE companies to focus on customer service while reducing costs
The new Smartworld Cloud Customer Engagement solutions bring to market a high value-added offering, enabling companies in the UAE to focus on customer service while reducing costs and optimizing resources. Hosted within Smartworld data center at Dubai World Central, these are completely customizable solutions that can be up and running within a matter of hours with little to no capital investment. Contact Centers operations are able to scale up or down based on demand, while optimizing resources and saving time and money. Free from IT and communications operational tasks, contact centers can focus on their core business relationships to become more productive and competitive.

“Today in UAE, a vast majority of contact centers are internal. There are large numbers of companies who are unwilling to outsource all or part of their customer relationships and want to keep control of their customer relationships while not managing a call center’s administrative constraints. It is this type of organizations that we target through this cloud-based solution, offering the same quality of service and performance while allowing companies to retain control of their customer relationships. Our expertise both in the IT and CRM, combined with our Data Centre expertise allows us to master all the components of this offer,” says Mohammed Fouz, CEO of SMARTWORLD.

CRM Outsourcer Selects Smartworld Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions

One key contract won by Smartworld is with Focus Point, the first and only UAE-owned contact center outsourcing services provider with a strong specialization in live telephone interviewing and feedback management services.

‘’Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality interviewing and feedback management services at the most cost effective rates in UAE,’’ commented Youssef Ben Beshoosh, Focus Point President & Co-Founder. “Selecting Smartworld Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions as a key component of our contact center operations reaffirms our commitment to incorporating the best technology available to service our customers and ultimately, drive our contact center outsourcing business to new heights,” added Beshoosh.

Smartworld Cloud Customer Engagement Solutions enable Focus Point to take advantage of various multimedia contact center capabilities powered by the Altitude Software platform, including:

  • A fully customizable Unified Desktop application that empowers contact centre agents to handle all customer related activities
  • An outbound dialler that adds intelligence to the dialling process, used in outbound telemarketing, surveys, telesales, scheduled call-backs or collections campaigns.
  • A unified queue and intelligent router to answer, prioritise and intelligently route inbound interactions to available agents
  • A Management Portal for Real-time contact centre monitoring of business results as well as complete analytics and historical reporting

“We are honored that the Altitude solution was chosen to power Smartworld’s Cloud Customer Engagement offering,’’ said Riadh Boukhris, Altitude Software MENA President. “We bring companies more freedom of choice to benefit from a customizable, flexible technology offer. Altitude uCI has a great track record in reducing operating costs and investments while achieving true customer engagement.’’

Altitude Software has a track record of 22 years of customer and industry recognition and has won dozens of awards for innovation and tangible results with customers in key markets worldwide. The Altitude uCI solution provides businesses with a wealth of advanced contact centre features in about 80 countries worldwide, with a fast-growing presence across the GCC Region. It manages, in real time, enterprise functions like customer service, help desk, collections, telesales, surveys, etc. It is unique in accelerating the creation of services and campaigns, thanks to the unified design studio, routing, dialer, voice portal, desktop front-end, monitoring and analytics.

‘Smartworld are excited to partner with Altitiude to provide a UAE cloud based customer contact centre solution.  This is a rapidly evolving market place and another step in the UAE embracing cloud based services.  We are equally excited to launch this service with Focuspoint, the first UAE-owned contact centre outsourcing services provider, and we look forward to growing with them.’ Said Simon Williams, Sales Director, Smartworld.

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