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Viva Kuwait Chooses Awards Night Sponsorship To Highlight Its Successful Contact Centre Strategy

Viva Telecom established its footprint in Kuwait in 2008 and given a multiple operator market, decided early on to differentiate itself by making its call centre the first point of contact for the customer and delivering a very high level of customer experience and support there. In order to achieve this effectively, Viva Kuwait choose to outsource it’s call centre to two operators, for both inbound and outbound interactions.

With over 50% of the company’s revenue now being generated by the call centre, it was an opportune time to reinforce the importance of the call centre to the company by transforming it into a profit centre. This occurred in 2011 and since the Viva Kuwait call centre has not only been able to consistently achieve its sales targets, but along the way continuously improve the quality of its interactions and expand the number of channels, eg. live chat, that it now serves

With multiple INSIGHTS Awards to its credit over the last few years, Viva Kuwait hopes to continue that momentum which in turn recognises its own evolution, at this year’s event.

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