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Attend The Region’s Top Independent Call Centre/CX Conference At Very Special Pricing

MECCThe annual MECC ’18 Conference is the region’s leading call centre/CX learning/guidance opportunity. It is where regional call centre professionals come (and many are annual visitors) because they are faced with:-

  • Starting a call centre or CX initiative
  • Looking to fix a call centre problem or dramatically improve existing performance
  • Trying to decide whether to outsource fully or go down a hybrid partial captive/partial outsource route.
    Collect new ideas for cost savings
  • Improve the value proposition of the call centre or raise its internal profile

As you can see, the MECC ’18 conference covers multiple, business-enhancing topics and is for people who are serious about customer-centered development. If you fall into this category, you should not miss the MECC ’18 Conference (and it’s special, lowest-ever pricing)

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