Avaya Increases Customer Engagement with Radvision Scopia®

Avaya deploys more than 4,000 Radvision Scopia Desktop and Mobile video conferencing rooms; employees make 35,000 video calls with over 85,000 attendees across multiple devices in first 60 days Deployed in under six weeks, the Radvision Scopia solution delivered immediate savings in travel and IT costs

AvayaAvaya announced that 35,000 video calls have been made on its newly implemented Radvision Scopia Desktop system within the first 60 days of deploying the solution to the company’s sales, marketing and executive teams. As a result, sales teams are reporting increased customer engagement while reducing Avaya’s expenses. Internally, product development and marketing teams state they have more cohesive working relationships; and senior managers have reported improved interactions and higher quality meetings.

Avaya employees rapidly adopted the Radvision Scopia system primarily due to its extraordinary ease of use for both scheduled and ad hoc video conferences across a variety of devices. Radvision Scopia provides unique, desktop and mobile capabilities as well as the ability to easily include participants from both inside and outside the organization. For example, users are able to initiate a video session on an iPad, PC or iPhone, interface with colleagues, customers and partners using a desktop or laptop PC, Apple iPad®, Apple iPhone® or an in-room device, and bring all participants together seamlessly without sacrificing meeting quality.

Radvision Scopia is transforming Avaya’s business by dramatically simplifying video communication. Radvision Scopia enables Avaya’s sales teams to more easily communicate with customers and partners for product demos. Therefore, customer engagement is rising and sales people are traveling less to close deals. When surveyed about their video call usage, many Avaya salespeople indicate they have replaced traditional audio calls with Radvision Scopia Desktop and Radvision Scopia Mobile video calls, citing ease of use as the key driver.

“Avaya’s experience is proof that personal video conferencing is ready for prime time.  Solutions like Radvision Scopia combine click-to-call ease of use, a well-known ‘meet me’ paradigm, and a client that makes high quality audio-video sessions practical and efficient.  Rolling out to over 4,000 users was an acknowledgement on Avaya’s part that 1) Metcalfe’s Law is important to overcoming barriers and 2) scalable video solutions are here, now, and manageable.”
WAINHOUSE RESEARCH“A sales team is often your most critical customer. The intent of launching our Radvision Scopia Desktop solution first to our sales team was to demonstrate the power of Radvision’s products immediately following the acquisition; to show that the Radvision Scopia solution is designed to integrate into existing video communication systems; and to give our sales team a quick and easy way to connect internally and with customers via video. We’re thrilled with the success thus far – our sales team uses Radvision Scopia as effortlessly as they use the phone, with the power of face-to-face communication.”
JOEL HACKNEY, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, Global Sales and Field Operations

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