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Contact Centre Outsourcing Market Continues To Evolve – New Players and Contracts Keep Momentum Going.

Dominick KeenaghanSince its appearance over 20 years ago, the regional contact centre outsourcing market has always shown rich potential for growth.  However, a general lack of prior experience on managing such contracts on the client side, especially with respect to value creation aspects, plus a “feeling their way” approach by many start-up OPSs (Outsourcing Service Providers) have created a “will do anything the client asks” market that is ultimately dissatisfying for both parties – is market development terms, this can only be described as “evolving” at best.

However recent contract rewards and new pieces of business made known to the author in the main sub markets of UAE, KSA and Qatar all point to a higher level of Contact Centre Outsourcing sophistication amongst the partners involved.  Couple this with the appearance of new market players, adaptive strategies and a widening of market offerings and the inevitable effect, by virtue of their regional effects on educational level, new options and thinking, is that the market is set to continue to grow at attractive levels.

There would seem to be no better opportunity to take stock of exactly where we are at in the market than at the annual MECC ’16 show and that is exactly what we have in store for you.  So, take the region’s leading OSPs, add some, honest end-user content on what it is really like to be at the other end of an Outsourcing contract, and sprinkle in some guiding and independent insights and guidance from some of the world’s leading outsourcing experts and you have a must-attend learning & networking opportunity – one that could literally save you a fortune and help you not repeat the mistakes of others.  And if that is not enough to make you start shouting out “where do I sign”, the event is absolutely free – but only if you sign up now for the limited number of seats available.  Go to

Elsewhere in this newsletter we highlight two key issues that are top of mind for call centres today.  One is the perennial issue of quality and, Dick Bucci gives us a state-of-the-subject analysis in his following article, whilst the other is on the up and coming subject of customer experience (CX).  Many vendors seem to have rebranded themselves into the CX space, a bit like what happened to call centre vendors overnight with CRM in the 90’s, but Janet LeBlance reminds us about the true nature of CX and in particular that it is not necessarily all about customer-centricity but more about ensuring a “branded” CX at each customer touchpoint. Enjoy

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