Call Centre Exhibition To Showcase The Latest Technologies & Solutions For Customer-Centric Business

The annual Middle East Call Centre ‘2012 (MECC ’12) show is set to run June 5-6 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre (DICEC) and show organizers INSIGHTS states that not only is it an opportunity for customer-centric businesses to “kick the tyres” of the latest customer interaction technologies but that all types of businesses should attend in order to soak up the atmosphere of new the customer-driven era that is now upon us.

According to Dominick Keenaghan, president of INSIGHTS, “the business world is changing and organisations need to adapt accordingly.  Many are still stuck in the 4Ps era, the 4Ps being Product, Price, Promotion and Place yet surveys everywhere confirm that “Customer Experience” is the new competitive arena.  Building customer relationships, focusing on customer loyalty and driving customer advocacy are today’s strategies and the sooner senior management gets into this way of thinking, the sooner change can take place.  Fortunately visitors to MECC ‘12 have the ideal opportunity to get up to speed on these concepts.  Not only can they interact with subject matter experts and test-drive the latest customer interaction technologies but MECC ’12 features a host of additional learning and information gathering opportunities.  This year the industry keynote “Social Media & The Contact Centre” on June 5 at 8.30 am is open to all for the first time, and we have an ongoing program of free vendor seminars at the “Trends & Technologies” theatre.  Add these to the opportunity to book appointments with international experts at the Free Consultancy Clinic Corner and avail of all the special show deals and discounts makes for the perfect “Contact Centre Day Out.”

About MECC 2012

The MECC ‘12 show is organized by INSIGHTS, and is widely recognized as the premier call centre event for the region.  The 2012 version takes place June 5 – 6 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC).  MECC ’12 offers the region’s top call centre professionals a unique, expert-led forum to get up-to-date with the industry’s latest trends and developments, discuss common issues, test-drive new technology and re-invigorate their current development plans.

MECC ’12 also features the region’s leading call centre exhibition where many new products, services and companies are launched, and the annual Middle East Call Centre Awards Dinner to honour outstanding performance and results by the region’s top performers.  Networking, quality and inspiration are bywords for the MECC experience, one that is clearly appreciated by the large number of repeat attendees from one year to the next.


INSIGHTS is the only Call Centre dedicated, Professional Services Organisation in the Middle East region to offer a combination of regional experience (15 years serving the regional industry), industry journals (spearheaded by “Telephony Middle East” magazine and the Customer Middle East portal), international accreditation with recognised global industry bodies (G-CEM, CIAC, etc.), accredited and certified Call Centre training programs (English & Arabic), the region’s only dedicated Call Centre Conferences and Exhibitions and is the  developer of the Call Centre Lifecycle Development System.

For further details contact Dominick Keenaghan on +971-4-3329211 (mobile 050-6595406) or email  Web site is

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